Super Study Sills for Students - 52 Part Online Course

Here it is, at last!

Being World Mind Mapping Champions and top Memory Sports Officials, we have run highly successful seminars for over 15 years. As a result, we get many requests from people asking, "When are you coming here? My kids need this!"

It isn't possible for us to get to everyone - Working on the 'mountain must come to Mohammed' principle, we've taken the best bits from our books and live seminars and built this 52 part online course for those students from eleven right up to undergraduates that we haven't got to yet!

It covers:

and combines them with our proven study skills model to create a strategy for study success that we're proud of.


This interactive course is delivered in 52 weekly 'snack-sized' chunks for just £1.50 each. Your children will receive, use and master these powerful life-skills one step at a time.

It's very simple, enter your personal details and pay £78 by secure card transaction and you'll receive an email each week with a link that takes you to that week's practice pages. Once downloaded these can be saved on your own computer.

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